A couple from Chesham are hoping to raise £10,000 to achieve their lifelong dream of becoming parents, following the heartbreak of losing two babies in eight years.

Rebecca Ralph, and her fiancé, Daryl, found out they were first pregnant in 2013 but at their 20-week scan, it was revealed that their baby girl child had cysts on her kidneys.

At first, it seemed innocuous, but scans later showed that their daughter had poly cystic kidneys which was untreatable, and tragically, their daughter passed away shortly after being born at 38 weeks.

Following the tragic news, both Rebecca and Daryl discovered that they both carry the poly cystic kidney disease, and due to its rarity, the chances of their child being born with the condition was one in four.

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This didn’t hold the couple back and after years of trying for another child, the couple fell pregnant once more in 2017.

However, history sadly repeated itself and as of 2021, both Rebecca and Daryl are still trying to conceive.

Now, in order to bring another life into this world, the couple is hoping to raise £10,000 in order to go through an egg donation cycle, which would help them both become parents.

In the Go Fund Me page that has been set up to help the couple, an extract reads: “We decided to go through IVF as I [Rebecca] have found it extremely difficult to fall pregnant and they would be able to see if the embryo has the genetic condition before being implanted.

“I had three IFV rounds, all of them unfortunately unsuccessful as my AMH levels are very low for my age, my eggs are also of poor quality.

“This was not great news to hear after all of the heartache we have endured.

“We have had eight years of heartache but we are not giving up.

“After meetings with the doctors at the IVF clinic, our best option is to use donated eggs that can be fertilised with my fiancé’s sperm so I can carry our baby.

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“This gives us the best chance to have the miracle we both are so desperate for.”

So far, £1,075 has been raised for the £10,000 goal.

The page continues: “Not only am I grateful for any donations but this is the first time I have shared my story properly publicly.

“I have never heard anyone go through the same thing, I am glad to show some awareness.”

To donate to help Rebecca and Daryl, visit www.gofundme.com/f/please-help-to-fund-an-egg-donation-cycle.