The directors behind the Marlow Studio Project have unveiled plans for its second engagement exhibitions, which will again be held within Marlow and Little Marlow.

A ten-day staffed exhibition about the progress of the film studio plans will be held between October 29 to November 7 at the project’s headquarters at Unit 6, Liston Court.

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There will also be two additional exhibitions in Little Marlow on October 30 and November 6, in order for the project team to interact with those living closest to the film studio site.

The Marlow Studio Project is planned for the former landfill site next to the A404 at the Westhorpe junction but no planning application has yet been submitted.

The project has received criticism from environmental groups opposed to the studios leading the founder and CEO of the project, Robert Laycock to say he is there to "listen" to anyone with "concerns".

He said: “This is an opportunity for us to let everyone know the results of the first stage of our local engagement and crucially how this has informed the design so far.

“We heard some of the concerns local people have and we’ve heard also how supportive people are of our ambitions and plans to bring a world-leading film studio to south Buckinghamshire to deliver jobs, economic growth and meet growing demand for production space, and how this will cement the county’s undeniable reputation for world class film-making.

“The second stage of the engagement process will give residents and businesspeople another opportunity to feedback their thoughts and ideas to the team of master planners behind the project, as well as see the first designs and understand more about the film industry and the potential benefits for young people and the local economy.

“A lot has happened since our first exhibition ended in the summer and we are excited to share more detailed information about our wider ambitions to provide ecological, educational, economic and social benefits to both the immediate Marlow locality as well as the wider county and country.

“For those who have concerns, we are here to listen, and we are keen to hear everyone’s views on the project, so this second stage engagement can continue to inform our final designs and we can address and react to the important considerations of our local community.”

The engagement programme is being organised by independent consultants Soundings, who also organise and host a community liaison group, which meet every month to discuss updates about the project.

This group, which includes local teachers, councillors, and representatives of various membership groups in the area is open to join.