A Marlow woman who had been sectioned after experiencing “hallucinations” has died while she was detained in Bucks.

Marilyn Silver died aged 66 on July 19, while she was detained under the Mental Health Act at the Whiteleaf Centre in Aylesbury.

At an inquest at Beaconsfield Coroners’ Court on Wednesday, it was revealed that Mrs Silver, who had lived in Marlow, was sectioned after she was reported to have had “hallucinations” about her neighbour.

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Ian Wade, assistant coroner for Buckinghamshire, concluded that Mrs Silver had died of natural causes.

Reading from a psychologist’s report, Mr Wade explained how Mrs Silver was sectioned due to severe mental health problems.

He said: “After a few weeks of feeling persecuted by an ex-neighbour, police investigated and all came to the conclusion that she might be hallucinating, as no one had ever been seen to be at her property.

“She continued to believe an ex-neighbour was missing and would call the emergency services to express her concerns, and was treated for this.

“Marilyn was in a real mental health difficulty, she was distressed.”

The court heard how in the days before her death, Mrs Silver had felt unwell, but refused treatment from the doctors on her ward, instead insisting that she be taken to A&E.

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On July 19 she was found unresponsive. An ambulance was called, and paramedics attempted CPR, but she was pronounced dead later that day.

After considering the evidence, Mr Wade concluded that “on the balance of probabilities” Mrs Silver had died as a result of an issue with an artery in her lungs.

He added that there were “no grounds” to be concerned with her treatment at the Whiteleaf Centre and would not issue any reports.

He concluded that Mrs Silver died of natural causes.