An Amersham-based tech company has been awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in international trade. 

Melford Technologies offices are at the St. Georges industrial estate and focus on innovative audio-visual technological solutions and digital advancements

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The company provides a diverse range of products, including rugged displays, digital signage, self-service kiosks, advertising totems, video walls, taxi top, displays, restaurant menu boards, handheld displays, robust computers and tablets.

Steve Osborne, Managing Director, announced: “We are extremely honoured to receive such a prestigious endorsement for our innovation and service.

"Our staff work extremely hard to deliver high quality robust products to our clients and should be justifiably proud of their contribution to this outstanding achievement.

"It is humbling to be recognised as world-class in all that we do, and this extraordinary award is testament to everyone’s dedication and innovative spirit here at Melford Technologies.

"The progression we have made in recent years far exceeded our expectation.

"We have diversified and focused our continuous process of improvement, service delivery and customer focus. We are committed to achieving real innovation, providing unparalleled service and delivery on our products, solutions and projects.

"Our ambition is to enrich and improve our offering and become the partner of choice.

“We are proud of our achievements, and this award will provide the fillip required for the future of the business as we transition from this, the most difficult of times.

"Our sincere thanks go to our incredible array of customers and suppliers, without whom we would not exist. And congratulations to all the Melford staff – this award would not have been possible without your hard work and dedication."