A High Wycombe man who was branded a “burden to the community” by police has been thrown back in jail after making 999 calls when there was no emergency.

Daniel Wickes, aged 55, has been locked up for 18 weeks after he admitted to calling the emergency services in a non-emergency.

At Wycombe Magistrates’ Court on October 8, Wickes, of Tilling Crescent, pleaded guilty to making three calls on February 26. He had initially denied the offence, but changed his plea ahead of his trial.

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Wickes also admitted to one count of being drunk in a public place on the same date.

The offender has landed himself in prison for similar offences in the past. In July, he was jailed after he made non-emergency 999 calls “without reasonable excuse.”

Wickes is subject to a criminal behaviour order banning him from calling 999 unless there is an emergency. The order also prevents him from entering High Wycombe town centre, being drunk in the town, entering any pub or bar in the town, or having any open container of alcohol in a public place in High Wycombe.

When he was given a 39-day sentence in March 2020 for similar offences, Wickes was called a “burden to the community” by a High Wycombe police officer.

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Last year, PC Terry Quick said: “Wickes has wasted countless hours of emergency service time through false reporting and has displayed violent behaviour to police and social services trying to help him.

“Wickes is a burden to the community through anti-social behaviour and wasting emergency services time.”

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