Police officers were called to Great Marlow School following reports of anti-vaccination protests.

Pupils were reportedly met with leaflets that discouraged people from getting the coronavirus vaccination as they turned up for school.

A concerned parent, Amjud Hussain, told the Bucks Free Press that his children were left “very scared” as police officers were “standing at all entrances and exits” at the school.

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A Thames Valley Police spokesman confirmed they were called to school after the protests were reported but on arrival protestors had left the area.

It was also confirmed that no crime had been committed and therefore no arrests have been made.

This came the day after police were called to Sir William Borlase on October 14 after anti-vaxxers were seen “harassing” children and “arguing” with teachers.

There have also been reports of anti-vaxxers outside other schools in the past weeks, including Amersham School and The Beaconsfield School.

A Marlow parent told Bucks Free Press: “They were harassing kids shouting the Covid jab causes autism, many kids are really shaken from this.

“The Borlase parents WhatsApp group was blowing up they were there so long.

“They were also arguing with teachers saying the injections are poison.”

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