AN investigation into the death of a young KFC worker who was heading home with a takeaway for his mum is continuing - as locals slam the road where it happened for being a “disaster”. 

Nesaar Khan, 20, died in a crash on London Road in High Wycombe on the evening of September 6 and the road has since been branded a “complete disaster” by one resident with claims that drivers “ignore speed and lane signs”.

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Investigations are still ongoing after the fatal crash at 8.35pm in which Nesaar was driving a Lexmoto Enigma moped collided with a Suzuki Jimny at the junction with Hammersley Lane on his journey home after working a shift at KFC in Wycombe Retail Park.

It happened a week after police had been monitoring speeding on London Road amid frustration from residents with drivers exceeding the limits.

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While it has not been confirmed if speed was a factor in the crash, police have said there are “no significant updates” in the case but their investigations are continuing.

Residents have also complained that the lane systems cause an unnecessary distraction and are often ignored by drivers.

Ken Rutland said: “That road is a complete disaster, drivers ignore speed and lane signs, and ignore traffic lights. 

“I have to cross it to catch a bus, it scares me.”

Allan Warfield said: “It’s the most ridiculous bus lane system ever devised, nobody pays any attention to single lane, bus lane or both lanes. 

“Two lanes going into one lane only encourages idiots to fly from the lights to gain one place up in the queue.”

Alan John B added: “People drive too fast on that road, sometimes I wonder if I’m on a motorway.”
There have been calls to install cameras on the road to monitor activity at junctions including the Hammersley Lane turning where the fatal crash occurred.

Steve Walker said: “With cameras so cheap it’s about time they put them on top of each set of traffic lights to record activity at the junctions.

“It might discourage so many red light jumpers.”

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