Buckinghamshire Council have refused to comment on the future of a local farm as it closes down with owners believing they were "never allowed" to "make it happen". 

The estates team declined to comment on the closure of Grange Farm and the unknown future of the council-owned site.

Andy and Mel moved into Grange Farm, Hazlemere five years ago leasing the derelict site but have now had to rehome all the animals as it closes down.

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The couple took to social media to explain the closure saying it "all got too much" as it affected them financially, physically and mentally.

The post reads: "After 18 years, Manor Estates has ceased trading allowing Andy and myself time over the last few months to pack down the farm and rehome all of our animals.

"It's been emotional - to say the very least - but we have worked hard together to ensure that every single one of our animals have gone to new places where they have lots of love and a good life ahead of them.

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"We would like to thank you all for the amazing support you have given us through our journey.

"We have put our 'all' into Grange Farm but unfortunately we were never allowed to 'make it happen' and the constant battle we continuously encountered just became too much.

"I still can't quite comprehend why a place that, despite belonging to the council was so run down, had been derelict for 10 years and was in a state of disrepair captured our hearts but it did and still does and it always will!"

Residents left hundreds of comments on the Facebook post thanking the pair and wishing them well with their futures.

Already popular among locals, the relationship between the community and the farmers only grew after their involvement in the village monster trail that featured on Channel 4's Grayson's Art Club.

The farm also made headlines this year as their piglets were spotted running free at Hazlemere Recreational Ground when they escaped the site.

What will now happen to the site is unknown but the Bucks Free Press will continue to provide any updates on further developments.