The friend of a woman allegedly raped by a police officer threatened to call the police to get him out of their flat, a court has heard.

James Geoghegan, 27, from Aylesbury, is accused of raping the woman in her home in the early hours of December 12 2018, which he denies.

Jurors at Chelmsford Crown Court heard from the woman’s friend, who lived with her in their flat in Loughton, Essex, at the time of the alleged incident.

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The friend told how the woman and Metropolitan Police officer Geoghegan returned in the early hours of the morning “drunk, but not overly drunk” and began playing music, singing and dancing and drinking vodka.

Later on, before heading to work, the witness told the court she heard someone “shouting stop, stop” in a “panicked” way.

The friend said: “I heard a door shut, I turned around and then (the woman) came out of my bedroom, she wasn’t expecting me to be there.

“She was crying and looked very upset… she had wrapped herself up in a throw and was hysterically crying.”

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She added: “I had never seen her like that before, she was hysterical, she wouldn’t talk even though I asked ‘what’s happened?’ but she didn’t say anything – she was silent.

“She laid on the sofa – to begin with she wouldn’t say anything and I kept asking and she finally said ‘he’s basically just raped me’.”

The woman told her friend that she had asked Geoghegan to “stop” but that he had “not listened”, the court heard.

Geoghegan was then told by the friend to leave the flat but he was confused as to why, jurors were told.

The witness continued: “I threatened to call the police because he was just lying there, I didn’t want him in the flat.

“It was a threat to get him out.”

In a message to the friend after the incident was reported to police, the woman said “I don’t want any of this”, the court heard.

Jurors were also read out WhatsApp messages between Geoghegan and the woman on the day.

In one, the woman told him she would not tell a mutual friend what had happened, to which he replied “you’re too much of a princess”.

She also told him “I’m putting it down to a drunken misjudgement” and “I’m not going to get you in trouble”.

The court previously heard Geoghegan had decided to sleep at the woman’s flat instead of returning to his home in Enfield, north London, before following the woman into her room “uninvited” as she was undressing.

The woman had said that after the defendant removed her shorts she put her hand over her genitals to try to “block” him, but “he took my hand away and pinned it to the bed”.

Geoghegan is charged with rape. He denies the charges against him.

The trial continues.

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