A five-foot snake has been spotted slithering around a quiet Bucks village.

Police officers from the Aylesbury Vale located the reptile while on patrol in Granborough on Tuesday night.

Bucks Free Press: The creature was found in Green End, GranboroughThe creature was found in Green End, Granborough

The owner of the creature, which was discovered in Green End, has yet to be located. In the meantime, the reptile is set to be taken to a snake specialist in Leighton Buzzard to be looked after.

Fortunately for the officers who found the animal, the night sergeant at Milton Keynes Police Station is a snake expert and was able to give the team advice on how to care for it.

On social media, TVP Aylesbury Vale said: "Tonight PC Reid and PC Eustice have located this ssssss-suspicious character on Green End in Granborough.

"If you are missing a five-foot snake, or know who this might belong to, please call 101."

It added later: "After being a ssssslippery customer last night, the snake is now sssssnuggled up nice and warm in the Inspector's office at Aylesbury police station."


Ahead of its trip to Leighton Buzzard later, it was given a warm and cosy spot to rest in at Aylesbury Police Station.

Police are keen to reunite the reptile with its owner. If you know who the snake might belong to, get in touch by calling 101, using reference INC-20211027-0008.

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