A telecoms company planning to install a 5G mast branded an “eyesore” by villagers has been refused.

Bucks Council rejected an application submitted by CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Ltd on behalf of Hutchison 3G UK Ltd relating to the corner of Rose Avenue and Ashfield Way, in Hazlemere.

Plans detailed the ‘installation of a 15-metre steel and green 5G monopole, supporting six antennas’.

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There also would have been equipment cabinets installed.

But the council said the mast would be “unduly obtrusive”, and “overbearing” of nearby properties.

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The scheme stirred up much local outrage, receiving more than 120 objections.

One local branded it “a complete eyesore”.

“The development would appear unduly obtrusive in the street scene, and as such would be detrimental to the character and appearance of the area,” wrote the council.

It added: “The proposed mast would be located in a prominent location in close proximity to 1 and 3 Ashfield Way and 68 and 70 Rose Avenue and as such would appear overbearing and dominate the outlook from those properties to the detriment of their residential amenity.”

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