An investigation has been launched after an anti-vaxxer reportedly verbally abused a teacher in a protest outside a Bucks school.

Police officers were called after protesters gathered outside The Beaconsfield School on October 13 as pupils were leaving for home.

As teachers and parents escorted the children away from the school protesters were seen handing out leaflets telling pupils reasons why not to get the vaccine.

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Videos have since emerged from the protest in which an anti-vaccination song was heard being played from a loudspeaker.

In one of the videos, teachers are heard asking protesters "not to film outside the school" as they are "trying to protect children".

A Thames Valley Police Spokesman said: "We attended the scene following reports from the public that four people had gathered outside the school and were handing out leaflets.

"Officers stayed on scene to provide reassurance and those handing out leaflets then left.

"We have had one report following this of a public order incident as it was reported that one of the teachers was verbally abused."

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