Plans to add a second floor to a residential building for additional flats have been submitted.

Archgrove Estates Ltd has submitted to Bucks Council an application for Treadaway Court, on Treadaway Hill, in Loudwater.

Plans detail the ‘erection of a new second floor to create five one-bed and two two-bed apartments’ – seven in total.

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The existing building has been converted to 25 flats.

More recently however, permission was granted to split Number 24 into two flats (now 26 flats).

If approved, this application would result in 33 flats total.

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There are 40 existing parking spaces, no additional ones are proposed.

A previous application for an additional floor providing eight flats was refused by the council.

Among its reasons, the council said it would “result in a substandard level of light and outlook”, “fail to provide adequate private amenity space”, “result in unacceptable overlooking” and “unacceptable overshadowing”.

It also said: “The applicant has not included adequate provision within the site for parking and manoeuvring of vehicles clear of the highway.

“The development if permitted would therefore be likely to lead to additional on-street parking to the detriment of public and highway safety.”

“Alleged overlooking” and “private amenity space” concerns have been ‘addressed’, a planning statement reads.

A transport assessment cited within the planning statement reads: “The identified shortfall of parking, based on parking standards, could be accommodated on street.”

Adding: “It is considered that the proposals will not result in additional on-street parking to the detriment of public and highway safety.”

“This current planning application seeks planning permission to create an additional seven apartments to the consented 26, principally comprising a new second floor,” a planning statement reads.

“If approved therefore, this application would result in the creation of 33 apartments on the site.”

The applicant is now awaiting a decision from the council.

To view and comment on the plans, use planning portal ref: 21/08082/FUL.

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