A spate of ‘aggressive’ door kicking in Bucks may be a TikTok craze.

Residents in Princes Risborough have reported their front doors being violently kicked on a weekly basis – prompting at least one local to think a new social media trend might be the reason.

TikTok videos online show groups of mainly youngsters outside doors playing music and when the drum beat hits at the end of a lyric, they kick the door hard at the same time twice, then run away.

The videos receive thousands of views and shares, hence their popularity.

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People in Princes Risborough have recently reported similar experiences, weekly, even nightly, seemingly by groups of kids.

Similar reports have also been made elsewhere in the UK.

“This week at 7.30pm every evening (apart from when youth club was on) we’ve had someone hammering on our door and running away,” someone in Princes Risborough said.

“I live at Longwick and someone did that three times at my front door yesterday and I’m isolating and feel terrible with Covid and I kept getting up to find no one there,” another local said.

“It’s a TikTok craze,” said another resident.

Bucks Free Press:

Properties on Bell Street in Princes Risborough have been hit again.

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Several roads in the area may have been hit, including Bell Street and Brooke Road.

One person, who declined to be named, said their house on Bell Street was hit again last night (October 28) – and when they went outside, other residents were also on the street.

They said it causes “genuine harm to the community” and the parents bear the “main burden of responsibility”.

“There’s a group of kids who think it’s a good idea once a week to walk up and down Bell Street kicking all the front doors,” they said.

“It’s not a harmless knock-and-run, they are full on launching themselves into the doors, causing damage.

“It’s the sheer ferocity of the door kicks that gets to us. It’s not like a jovial knock-and-run.”

“They literally just did it again,” they said Thursday night. “Disappeared before we got to the door.

“But other people in the street were outside looking around so seems they did the street again. Might be right about that craze.”

They added: “Whilst I understand that some trends have a social utility and can be a way of relating with your peers (the more innocent ‘planking’ or ‘flossing’), others such as this new door kicking trend, or previously ‘happy slapping’ are just ways of poorly legitimising acts of aggression.

“Not only does following these trends show a complete lack of originality, it causes genuine harm to the community.

“Police and councils can always do more but I appreciate they are stretched and department budgets only go so far.

“Increased patrols or outreach programs may work, but the main burden of responsibility however is on the parents.

“If you’re letting your 15-year-old leave the house at 9pm on a Tuesday, it’s highly unlikely they’re off down the library.”

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: “Thames Valley Police were alerted to an incident of public order, through online reporting, at 7pm (27/10) on Bell Street, Princes Risborough.

“We are currently investigating and Anti-Social Behaviour patrols will be put in place.”

If residents have any further information on the specific incident in Princes Risborough, they can report to Thames Valley Police and quote reference: 43210485907.

Bucks Council was approached for comment.

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