A horny hog who spent the summer hopping over a 4.5 foot fence to romance his neighbours was finally found out when a bench he was using collapsed under his weight.

And this half term week there are more little pigs at Kew Little Pigs in Amersham than ever before, thanks to his rampant ways.

Blanket the boar's ingenious visits to his lady loves bemused staff, who at first were unsure how he was getting out.

His escape artist tactics led to a bumper crop of piglets, after he used a shallow bench as a launching pad in his bid for company.

This year 66 piglets have been born at the 3.6 acre centre where Blanket lives, and just on Saturday mum Daisy gave birth to her five piglet litter by Blanket - bringing the total to 71.

Blanket's antics have become a source of amusement for staff and visitors.

The centre breeds micro pigs to be pets in people's homes, and Blanket's antics were not really cause for concern.

But they have now decided that enough is enough, after he got so excited that he broke the bench, leapt the fence and mated with two sows in full view of a group of visitors.

Blanket does have a rival for the affections of the five sows, but staff estimate that boar Milo has fathered just 20 per cent of this year's brood, with Blanket being the biggest hit with the ladies.

Olivia Mikhail, of Kew Little Pigs, said: "We do breed micro pigs as pets here at Kew, so we are well prepared to look after piglets here, we also take security and welfare very seriously.

"There are benches for the visitors to sit on, and one day Blanket cleverly jumped onto the bench in the boy's pen, jumped over the fence and climbed down into the girls' petting pen.

"But now he has broken the bench and we have put extra measures in place, so sadly for Blanket and his girlfriends the fun is over.

"He did try to get the better of us, and now we have more piglets than ever, but all the pigs are very happy and I think they have enjoyed the whole thing!

"We hope that now people will come forward to adopt our little pigs, they make amazing loving pets."

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