A telecoms company planning to install a 5G mast branded ‘significantly harmful’ has been refused.

Bucks Council rejected an application submitted by CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Ltd at the junction of Burgess Wood Road and Westfield Road, in Beaconsfield.

Plans outlined the ‘installation of a 15-metre 5G monopole with wrapround cabinet’.

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“Given its height and form the proposed monopole (and associated equipment) would be highly visible when viewed from the surrounding area, thus appearing visually intrusive to the detriment of the street scene and erode an existing open and spacious character within a prominent location,” wrote the council.

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It added: “The proposal would result in a cluttered appearance within the street scene and collectively would present significant harm to the street scene.”

The local authority also felt “greater consideration” of the “suitability of other nearby sites” could have been provided.

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