A 66-year-old woman stalked two married, straight librarians while accusing them of having a lesbian affair, a court has heard.

Louisa Carlton is on trial accused of harassing two staff members at Beaconsfield Library, with Amersham Law Courts hearing how she would hide behind cars and pillars and take photos of her two alleged victims.

The court heard on Wednesday how Carlton stalked Dorota Fraczeck-Streeter and Lisa Taylor-Puzey, who worked together at the institution in Reynolds Road, as she believed they were having an affair and she “knew what they were up to.”

Prosecutor John Carmichael told the court that the accusation that the two librarians were in a romantic relationship was not true.

Bucks Free Press: The two alleged victims are librarians at Beaconsfield Library [Google]The two alleged victims are librarians at Beaconsfield Library [Google]

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The court heard from Mr Carmichael that Carlton used to be a frequent visitor to Beaconsfield Library, where she first encountered her two alleged victims. Carlton now lives in Oxford Road in Worthing, West Sussex.

Carlton was representing herself at the hearing, but Michael Roques QC was appointed by the court to cross examine the two librarians on her behalf.

When Mrs Taylor-Puzey was on the stand, Mr Roques asked her: “In 2018, did you become involved in a romantic relationship with Mrs Fraczeck-Streeter? Did you at any stage start a physical relationship with her?

Mrs Taylor-Puzey answered no in response to both questions.

Mr Roques also asked: “Do you remember looking Ms Carlton up and down? From her head down to her toes and back up again?” Mrs Taylor-Puzey flatly denied that this had ever happened.

Bucks Free Press: The trial is underway at Amersham Law Courts [PA]The trial is underway at Amersham Law Courts [PA]

The jury later heard of an incident when Ms Carlton waited for the pair after work. When they both got into Mrs Taylor-Puzey’s car, Carlton opened the door, banged on the windows and shouted abuse at the pair, the court was told.

Mrs Taylor-Puzey said: “There was lots of banging on the windows. I just wanted to block the whole incident out.”

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The witness went on to say that there was an occasion where she saw Carlton hiding behind a car near the library, and another when she looked like she was taking photographs of her.

Later in the hearing, the court heard how Mrs Taylor-Puzey saw Carlton in the street where she lived.

She said: “I wanted to go to work and do my work properly, but I had to deal with this.

“I was very distressed. I don’t want my neighbours getting upset. I was upset and my husband was upset.”

Following a break, Dennis Fraczeck-Streeter, husband of Dorota, took to the stand, and told the court about an occasion when Carlton knocked on the front door of his home, about a 30-minute drive from the library, where he lived with Mrs Fraczeck-Streeter.

He told the court that Carlton asked “Is Donya home?”. When he said she was, she left. He then said that later on he saw Carlton, hiding behind a brick pillar out on the street.

He said: “At first I didn’t see anything in the drive, but I went further into the road and I saw a woman behind a brick pillar.

“I would say she was trying to hide there.”

When Mr Roques asked if he knew who the woman was, he said: “I recognised her because I had seen her when she rang the doorbell.”

Louisa Carlton is charged with two counts of stalking involving serious harm or distress. She denies both charges.

The trial continues.

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