Wycombe High School has gone viral on TikTok after a video was posted of their teachers singing the Toy Story theme song You've Got a Friend in Me.

The Randy Newman song used in the Disney Pixar's franchise was performed by a number of the teachers who were then rated out of ten for their efforts.

Currently viewed over 1 million times, the TikTok has been liked over 200,000 times with almost 10,000 comments left underneath it.

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It was posted by a "mystery student" whose account name is 'iLoveWycombeHigh' with their description reading "proud student of Wycombe High School".

The video sees teachers from all departments step up to perform lines from the song with ratings and comments given to each of them.

You can watch the full TikTok below to see how you would rate the teacher's singing voices.


my talented teachers 😍😍😍 ##school ##teachers ##ratingsinging

♬ original sound - iLoveWycombeHigh

Music teacher Mr. Davie rated the highest with a "100/10 effortless" rendition and he was popular among the comments too.

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One user @dramaticallyspeaking posted: "Mr. Davie understood the assignment and everyone else needs to ask for an extension."

Another user @samyucthaa added: "All these comments for Mr. Davie have it spot on."

Bucks Free Press:

The TikTok has been seen all over the world with many users admitting they have sat through the video knowing nothing about the school.

User @sangwoo.vsp said: "Why did I sit through the entire thing when I don't even know this school or people?"

"I sat through this twice knowing nothing about the school or the teachers" added @settheraytoellie.

One other account @jamestiernan_09 said: "Never even knew this school existed but I watched the whole thing glued."

"Maybe I should have gone to Wycombe High School" said @earinghole.

A spokesperson for Wycombe High School said: “It’s wonderful to see social media being used in such a positive way, with such a fun, celebratory video.

"The intriguing thing is, we don’t know who the mystery student is but from the name of their TikTok account (@iLoveWycombeHigh) they obviously like being here and the teachers.

"And with more than a million hits in less than a week, they clearly have a talent (and possible future career) as a social media influencer!”