A High Wycombe drug dealer’s prison sentence has just been extended after he was found guilty of dangerous driving while trying to get away from police.

Mohammed Asif, 22, of Sheraton Drive, has just started serving a four year and 10 month jail term after he was found with a stash of drugs worth nearly £100,000.

That sentence has just been extended by another 12 weeks after he was found to have driven dangerously, mounting the pavements and speeding to get away from police last year.

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On November 22, 2020, the drug dealer was driving a silver Mercedes when officers tried to pull him over. Instead of stopping, Asif raced off, going at double the speed limit and on the pavement in a residential area.

He managed to escape police that time, but he was later found and charged on May 17 this year. He was also charged and found guilty of failing to stop for police, failing to give information when required and driving without a full licence.

He has also been banned from driving for three years.

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More recently, in June, Asif was in trouble with the police once again when they raided a flat in Maidenhead and discovered he had stashed £98,000-worth of drugs there.

Asif managed the escape again that time but not for long – a few days later he was arrested at Heathrow Airport with a one-way ticket to Istanbul.

Investigating officer, PC Joseph Openshaw, based at High Wycombe police station, said: “I am satisfied that the court have passed an appropriate sentence to Asif.

“Officers attempted to stop Asif who was driving a vehicle that he was not insured to drive without the necessary licence. Due to this, he made off from police and drove in an extremely dangerous manner where he nearly hit the officers’ vehicle and overtook a number of vehicles whilst ignoring traffic signs.

“He did this in a residential area and put officers, the public and himself at risk of serious harm.  He has been handed a 12-week prison sentence which will be served on top of an existing sentence as well as a three-year driving ban due to the serious nature of the offence.”

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