Plans for a new housing development on a ‘horse paddock’ have been withdrawn.

Vistry Homes has retracted a planning application that would have seen more than 40 homes built on land “currently being used to graze horses” off Clay Hill and Clay Lane, in Booker.

Plans had detailed the ‘erection of 41 residential units, including three blocks of flats (21) and 20 mixed properties (49 per cent affordable)’.

A new vehicle access from Clay Hill, an open space, and 105 parking spaces were also proposed.

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However, the scheme, which has been in the Bucks planning portal since November 2020, was eventually withdrawn on November 5, 2021.

“I write formally to acknowledge this application has been withdrawn,” wrote the council. “No further action will be taken, and no formal decision will be made on it by the authority.”

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Another plan by Vistry Partnerships (part of Vistry Group) detailed 39 properties (19 affordable and shared ownership), including three blocks of flats (18) and 20 houses and one bungalow, with an open space.

More than 90 parking spaces were also proposed.

The schemes received pushback from locals fearing increased traffic, impact on services such as schools, the destruction of wildlife, and even “anti-social behaviour”.

“This would disrupt the residents of Booker as a whole, congest the nearby roads, bring more loitering and anti-social behaviour, [and] overcrowd streets” wrote Mr Maninder Jeetla.

He also said it would “reduce air quality”, adding: “We already have an airpark close by and the M40”.

Miss Sally Taylor said it would “increase traffic” along Clay Lane and Cressex Road, claiming that: “With the already possible development on Horns Lane will just make this even worse.”

She added: “If housing is needed in this area, please look at all the empty offices, houses and brown sites that could be redeveloped into flats or housing in the town centre, leave the green spaces for the already declining wildlife.”

Mrs Ruth Highfield said of the scheme: “How on earth can 41, or now as I understand it 39 houses be considered for approval on Green Belt area land?

“Clay Lane is already a very busy road, especially with the increased traffic caused by the relatively new facility at High Heavens.”

The site is allocated for residential development in the adopted Wycombe District Local Plan.

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