A global film franchise – and possibly other TV and film productions – is set to be shot at a Bucks airfield over two years.

Stage Fifty has submitted to Bucks Council a fresh ‘change of use’ application relating to land at the south corner of Wycombe Air Park, also known as Booker Airfield.

Plans detail the ‘conversion of the southern corner of the existing air park for use as a filming site’.

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It also mentions the construction of two sound stages and six workshops (10,400 sqm total), “for a temporary period of two years”.

A new vehicle access (within Wycombe Air Park), a backlot, and 188 parking spaces are also proposed.

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An earlier plan by Stage Fifty outlined the ‘temporary change of use of land (from 18.11.2021-18.08.2022) for construction of a stage set, associated parking and filming’ – up to nine months.

“The temporary erection of the units is required to accommodate the specific filming needs of a global (film) production company who require the use of the production facilities to support the filming of film associated with a global film franchise,” a planning statement reads.

It adds: “A range of other TV or film productions may also use the space over the period of two years.”

Stage Fifty design, build and operate professional sound stages and boutique film and television studios across the UK and Europe.

An estimated 200-250 direct jobs will be created “on a day-to-day basis”. A further 200-250 jobs “will be supported in the supply chain”, documents add.

The name of the studio, film, and production company are unknown.

However, Bucks Council recently considered a “licence to occupy” land next to Booker Airfield by a new tenant – for a price tag exceeding £500,000.

An application fee of £35,141 is also mentioned.

Airways Aero Association Limited and Bucks Council are mutual owners of the site.

Stage Fifty is now awaiting a decision from Bucks Council.

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