A local resident was forced to stand in front of a lorry to stop it from crossing Marlow Bridge.

The bridge has bollards in place to stop heavy vehicles from crossing it but these did not deter a lorry driver who attempted to cross the iconic infrastructure.

However, the driver was met by a passer-by who stood in front of the bridge to stop the lorry from making its way over.

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Sue Winter noticed the lorry drive up to the bridge looking to cross it so she decided to call the police.

Before they arrived Sue had to stand in front of the lorry to stop it driving saying the driver “wasn’t very pleased”.

The police did arrive on the scene at around midday to reports of a highway disruption by the bridge.

A spokesman said that “no crime had been committed” as the lorry was made to turnaround and find a new route.

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Sue Winter said: "As I came out of Burgers, I noticed a very large lorry parked on the approach road to the bridge, facing the bridge.

“I watched it for a while and realised that it had to either go over the bridge, or back up to the mini roundabout which would have been very dangerous.

“I decided to phone the police, who were very good and were there within about 20 minutes.

“After about 15 minutes while I was waiting for the police, the lorry started to drive forward towards the bridge.

“ I got out of my car and stood in front of the lorry, preventing it from going any further forward.

“The driver wasn’t very pleased.

“About five minutes later the police turned up and made the driver turnaround by driving into the bit of road leading to the church.”

This isn't the first time a heavy vehicle has caused a problem when attempting the cross the bridge.

In 2016, a HGV driver from a European haulage company vastly exceeded a three-tonne weight limit in his 37-tonne lorry, blew a tyre and got stuck causing the bridge to close due to “overstressing on key structural parts”.

Two months later another disaster hit as an overweight van attempted to cross it five minutes after its official reopening following extensive inspections.

Then, in 2017, one lorry managed to get through the restrictions before being flagged down; while on a separate occasion a P&O Ferrymasters wagon blew its tyres while attempting to cross the weight-restricted bridge.