For this week’s education column, we spoke to the Beaconsfield High School's Grace Reynolds about a new initiative she has launched to help her fellow students.

Conscious of the fact that the pandemic means younger students have missed out on many of the activities that normally allow them to mix with their peers and older students, Beaconsfield High School’s Head Girl, Grace, has initiated a Year 10 – Year 7 buddy scheme which started this month.

'The Head Girl team met to discuss ways we could restore and develop a sense of community and connection post-covid.


The buddy system seems to be working at the BHS

The buddy system seems to be working at the BHS


'With everything being online for so long, we wanted to not only develop this sense of community, but also help students put their social skills into practice again, and we felt a buddy system would be a great way of doing this.'

The response from the Year 10s was overwhelming - whole forms volunteering to be buddies.

We had to limit it to 10 Year 10 students per form, but it was a wonderful surprise to see the enthusiasm these students showed when asked to be positive role models for the younger students.

When we were in the lower years, the buddy system is something we would’ve appreciated; there are so many benefits to having older students to look up to and talk to about Becky High life.


The scheme started this month

The scheme started this month


We’re excited to see how the system develops and hope it will continue so it can help future years too.’

The sessions take place once a fortnight with a group of Year 7 students being buddied with one Year 10 student.

The aim of the initiative is for Year 7s to have a channel of support to discuss homework, clubs, hobbies, school logistics, or anything else that they might need help with.

Bela, in Year 10, revealed: “Speaking with the Year 7s today and getting to know them was really enjoyable.

“At the end of the first session, I hope I have set a foundation for them to communicate their thoughts or worries to me as the buddy scheme progress.”

Alina, in Year 7, said: “I am enjoying the Year 10 students supporting us and helping us with any worries we have. “In our first session, they were very entertaining, kind, and caring towards us and I am really looking forward to meeting with them next time.”


It began this month

It began this month


Shriyana, in Year 7, added: “Talking to the Year 10s about the amazing experiences they have had since joining BHS was very comforting and made me excited about my future here.

“It was also very helpful because they gave us some tips and tricks for managing homework and school life.

“The new buddy scheme is a great opportunity to meet new people and I am looking forward to the next session.”