A car “abandoned” in a residential road for almost a year and branded a “hazard” could soon be crushed.

A black and red-striped Peugeot 107 sat in Sharp Close in Aylesbury for nearly 12 months reported to Bucks Council as “dangerous” could finally be towed and destroyed after a resident complained.

The local, who lives in Sharp Close and declined to be named, reported the vehicle to the council back in August but because it was taxed and insured at the time the authority did not deem it abandoned.

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A car check website however now states the car’s tax and MOT are both expired, and a council notice put in the window on November 3 says it will be destroyed within 15 days unless it is removed by the owner.

The resident said the car is an “eyesore” in the street and that mothers with pushchairs have been forced into the road to get around it.

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They also claimed they and other drivers have had to swerve around the abandoned car – sometimes into the path of oncoming vehicles.

They said the news it could soon be gone from Sharp Close made them “quite excited”.

“This abandoned car has been parked in the same spot for nearly a year,” said the resident. “Frankly, it’s an eyesore and a hazard to pedestrians.

“I’ve seen several mothers with buggies have to go out onto the road to go around it and no mother should have to do that.

“It’s a real pain, it’s parked on the corner in the way and it’s dangerous for cars to get in and out of the close we live in.

“I’ve seen several drivers, including myself, have to drive around it to get where they’re going and on several occasions I’ve almost brushed my car with oncoming vehicles.”

They added: “I’m really quite excited to see this thing go.”

A Bucks Council spokesman said: "We will re-inspect once the notice expires and if the vehicle isn’t claimed arrange its removal.

"Notice periods depend on location, but it's usually seven days if on public highways and fourteen days if on private land, including off-road parking spaces."

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