Warning: Some people may find the images and content of this article upsetting - discretion advised

Dead kittens keep being discarded in boxes in the woods in High Wycombe - prompting an urgent RSPCA investigation.

The latest kitten, believed to be just hours old, was found wrapped in paper towel and shoved inside a small cardboard cake bar box in the woods near The Pastures.

At least seven kittens have been found callously dumped in the area over the past year and the latest one, which was found on Tuesday, October 26, had no visible injuries.

The shocking discovery was made by a member of the public who was out walking with their children.

The person who reported the gruesome sight to the RSPCA said that over the past year around seven kittens have repeatedly been found in boxes across various dates.

The other kittens have either been found in pairs and were in white boxes and wrapped in paper towels - their ages ranged from a few hours old to a few weeks old and all were of the same cream type colour.

RSPCA inspector Malwina Gasiorek said: “We are grateful to the member of the public who contacted us to let us know that another kitten had been found. It must be really upsetting for the family to keep finding the boxes in this area.

“We are concerned that there have been so many dead kittens found and we are keen to try and find the person who is responsible for the kittens.

“We don’t know what the cause of death is, but as most were so young it could be that they were being rejected by their mother or even stillborn.

“It’s really sad that this is happening because the RSPCA and other organisations offer help for neutering pets - and so if someone is struggling they just need to ask for help.

“We would ask anyone with any information as to who might own these kittens to please contact me in confidence on the RSPCA inspector appeal line on 0300 123 8018.”