A supermarket car park now has a maximum stay time after hours amid ongoing complaints of bad behaviour from youths at night.

There have long been reports of anti-social behaviour in the car park after Tesco in Gerrards Cross shuts its doors.

The car park has been used as a "meeting place for youths", the police have said - with reports of loud music, shouting and swearing, playing football, racing around the car park, tyre screeching and performing doughnuts in their vehicles.

It would always happen late at night and into the next morning, leaving residents who live nearby frustrated.

The Denham and Gerrards Cross Neighbourhood Policing Team have been trying to tackle the problem and have been working closely with Tesco on solutions.

Now, a maximum stay time in the car park outside store opening hours has been put in place to try and clamp down on the issues.

You can only stay in the car park for 15 minutes after the store is shut now, and any vehicle caught using the car park for longer than that time could get a fixed penalty notice of £70.

ANPR cameras will monitor the car park, with patrols by parking attendants.

The neighbourhood policing team said: "It is important to note that this is not about taking away a meeting point for youths – it is about combating anti-social behaviour which has a negative effect on the community."

Not everyone was impressed with this move on social media.

"Oh sure. Parking tickets. That will put them off," one person said.

Another added: "Or you could patrol and clear up the area with humans. Covered number plates, removed number plates and you’ve just told them about it now so they’ve time to prepare."