Drugs ruin lives, and drug dealers are responsible for making many people miserable across Bucks.

Dealers who operate on the streets of Buckinghamshire exploit and take advantage of vulnerable people and make a profit from addicts who can’t get away from their drug habits.

Thanks to hard work from Thames Valley Police, several dealers have been put behind bars over the past few weeks. If you ever see them out on the streets in future, you may want to give them a wide berth.

Jakub Zielinksi

Bucks Free Press:

This smiling 35-year-old was jailed for two years and eight months after he was caught red-handed dealing drugs in Aylesbury.

On October 7, police spotted Zielinski in the middle of a drug deal, and when they arrested him they found drugs, cash, and a mobile phone.

Zielinksi, of Albany Place, pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply cannabis and possession with intent to supply crack cocaine and was sentenced at Aylesbury Crown Court on November 8.

Following his sentence, PC Levi Fensom said: “Tackling drugs supply remains a top priority for Thames Valley Police. We will actively seek to disrupt organised drug supply to protect our communities.”

Mohammed Asif

Bucks Free Press:

This dealer thought he had escaped the law when he arrived at Heathrow Airport and bought himself a one-way ticket to Turkey, but the officers who were hunting him tracked him down and arrested him just before he was able to board his flight.

Asif, of Sheraton Drive in High Wycombe, was caught with a £100,000 stash of drugs, which he kept hidden in the flat of a vulnerable man who lived in Maidenhead.

The dealer pleaded guilty to charges of possession with intent to supply heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine and cannabis at Reading Crown Court, where he was sentenced on October 29.

The court heard how Asif played a “significant role” in a drug dealing enterprise in Buckinghamshire.

Bilal Ashraf

Bucks Free Press:

This 22-year-old from High Wycombe was locked up for three years for dealing heroin.

Ashraf, of Adelaide Road, was caught with 39 wraps of the class A drug when police stopped and searched him in London Road in March.

A set of scales, mobile phone and a large amount of cash were also discovered in the car that he was in.

Following his arrest, Ashraf pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply heroin and was sentenced in October.

PC Martin Greaves, based at High Wycombe police station, said: “Those that supply drugs are selfish and motivated by only what can be gained for themselves without a second thought for their communities or the ramifications it will have on the public.”

Raniqkay Rattrey

Bucks Free Press:

This High Wycombe street dealer was sentenced to three years and nine months after he was caught selling drugs in a car.

22-year-old Rattrey, of Booker Lane, was caught by officers in Desborough Street selling drugs to other people in aa vehicle with him.

At Amersham Law Courts on October 20, Rattrey admitted counts of possession with intent to supply cocaine and heroin and was locked up for his crimes.

PC Ben Pearmain said: “Dealers often target the most vulnerable in our communities, and I hope that the conviction of Rattery serves as a warning to others seeking to profit from such activities that we will catch you and put you before the courts.”

Nathan Burns

Bucks Free Press:

This 33-year-old was caught with a group of known drug users trying to sell them substances.

He was arrested on June 5 by police and was found with a multitude of different drugs on his person.

Burns, of Station Road in High Wycombe, was jailed for two years after he admitted to possession with intent to supply cocaine, heroin and cannabis.

PC Martin Greaves said: “Those that supply drugs do so for the sole selfish reason of financial gain without any thoughts about the destruction and distress it brings to society.”

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