A Tesla driver has been ordered to pay more than £200 for driving at 65mph on the motorway.

Karim Usmani, 29, of Burgess Wood Road South in Beaconsfield, was fined £139 and ordered to pay £124 costs for the offence on the M4 motorway.

Although the maximum speed on the motorway is usually 70mph, the limit had been reduced to 50mph on some stretches of the road during smart motorway upgrade works.

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The Tesla Model 3 driver exceeded the 50mph temporary speed limit which was in place on April 14. Usmani was travelling near Junction 4 when he was caught on camera at 15mph over the permitted speed.

Usmani was found guilty of speeding at a single justice procedure at Willesden Magistrates’ Court on October 20.

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As well as having to pay fines and costs, his driving licence was also endorsed with three points.

Usmani is not the first driver to get caught out by temporary speed restrictions on the motorway.

Last year, Kurtney Brooks was fined £100 for driving at 60mph on the M4, while, Sha Ahmin was given a £250 bill when they were caught going at 67mph.

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