A vehicle transporter allegedly destroyed a homeowner’s wall before leaving the scene “in great haste”.

A Bucks resident, who declined to be named, slammed the “very poor driving skills” of a vehicle removal driver who allegedly knocked down their garden wall and beeped a learner driver while trying to get away.

The incident allegedly happened on the corner of Syke Cluan and Bathurst Walk, in Iver, at around 4.30pm, on November 12.

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The homeowner claimed the driver in question had just picked up a car before reversing into a wall at their property.

They claimed the driver “knew he had done this” and tried to force a learner car out of the way while driving off “in great haste”.

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“Well done to the driver of this vehicle who’d picked up a dark Honda on his vehicle today and then decided to reverse into our wall on the corner of Syke Cluan and Bathurst Walk,” they reported on social media.

“Very poor driving skills and very poor judgment leaving the scene at haste.”

Speaking to the Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS), they claimed: “He left in great haste, beeping a learner driver to get out of the way so he could go quicker when he saw our neighbour try to take a picture.

“He definitely knew he had done this as he got stuck manoeuvring over the bricks and his driver’s side rear light was also hanging off as he drove off.”

Bucks Free Press:

They claimed the vehicle had no signage and was not taxed.

They also took to social media to ask neighbours for help, adding: “Police aware.”

Thames Valley Police declined to comment.

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