An angry resident has complained about the constant fly-tipping on the A404.

The resident, whose house backs onto the A404 just before the Marlow turn off, has said the problem has been a major issue for over two years but nothing has been done to rectify it.

Trevor Kippaz believes that drivers use the lay by as “an easy option” to dump rubbish over the fence with a sofa the latest item to be dumped in front of a “no fly-tipping” sign.

He also claims that as well as the fly-tipping he has seen lorry drivers urinating and defecating on the bank.

An “extensive debate” on who owns the land has been taking place as it seems no one wants to take responsibility to clear any rubbish.

It has been labelled as a “health risk” by Trevor who has said he has “over 100 emails” going back to 2015 but the matter has not “progressed one bit”. 

Trevor Kippax said: “The amount and type of litter, in our opinion, poses a health risk from the vermin it attracts, we have in the distant past seen lorry drivers both urinating and defecating on the bank.

“We have tried to get the lay by closed and have a higher and more substantial fence erected to prevent the issue but Highways England say the fence is perfectly adequate. 

“However, it is a glorified garden fence in poor condition and has the added advantage of an Armaco barrier which effectively gives any potential fly-tippers a leg up.

“Bucks Council did put notices up, working on the naive assumption that any fly-tippers would bother to read and abide by them!

“We tried at the time that they were erecting ‘noise barriers’ along parts of the M40; assuming that the considerably higher panels would solve the fly-tipping issue but the then Wycombe District Council and Highways England said no.

“We have patiently waited for Bucks Council to even come up with a plan but they have cited ‘poor access, a danger to any crews’ as the bank obviously has a slope and seem to be able to find all sorts of reasons not to do something about the issue. 

“We accept it is a problem, but would after two years appreciate some more positive responses or action!”

Trevor says he tried the Environment Officer at the former Wycombe District Council on the grounds of noise, health and safety and physical pollution but “that went absolutely nowhere”.

He continued: “Cllr Bill Chapple, no longer in the post, just seemed to believe that ignoring the problem would make it go away; we have tried to enlist the help of our local MP to no avail.  

“Members of Marlow Town Council have tried to help, with no success.  

“Cllr Peter Strachan was very enthusiastic in May, just after the elections, but his enthusiasm seems to have waned very quickly, my last email to him on the November 2 remains unanswered.

“He had ‘passed matters’ to Simon Anthony, who last told me that he had ‘passed matters to the ground crew but would maintain an overview, that was towards the end of September, needless to say, the silence is deafening!”