Major plans for a new housing development have sparked concerns about pressures on roads and local services.

Bellway Homes has submitted to Bucks Council a planning application relating to land off Amersham Road in Hazlemere.

The new development will be between Tralee Farm and Orchard End Farm, and backs up to Badger Way.

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Plans detail the demolition of existing buildings on site, including Inkerman House, and the construction of 290 new homes (139 affordable) and 606 parking spaces.

Properties will be a mix of 44 one, 84 two, 103 three, and 59 four-bed homes “in the form of detached, semi-detached, terraced and apartment buildings”.

A new access from Amersham Road and provision of open space is also mentioned.

The 8.83-hectare site is described as a “vacant” field – but also with woodland, and a residential property and scrapyard business.

Bucks Free Press:

Site layout

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The site has been subject to several planning applications in the past, nearly all refused on grounds of “inappropriate development”.

Another scheme by Inland Homes at Tralee Farm for 103 properties is yet to be determined.

Several objections to this scheme have been submitted, citing pressures on roads, schools, and doctors.

While a supporter of the scheme said more new and modern housing is “welcome”.

“The roads network around Hazlemere simply will not cope with the increase in vehicles a development of this size will bring,” wrote Mrs Claire Carpenter.

“These are landmark buildings and should not be demolished to provide access to a huge development – and where the access is onto an already dangerous road with multiple fatal accidents, more will follow,” wrote Mr George McNeill.

“I believe it would significantly impact the surrounding areas which would have to carry the burden of extra traffic and use of already over-stretched resources,” wrote Mr Derrick Wilkie.

“The A404 is a very busy road and cannot take a minimum of a possible 580 cars turning onto it,” wrote Mr Anthony Sach. “The road is not suitable at the site entrance for a roundabout or traffic lights.”

He added: “Hazlemere and Holmer Green do not need any further housing developments. The local GPs are full as too are the schools.”

Bucks Free Press:

What it could look like

Bucks Free Press:

Supporter Mr Reginald Christie wrote: “I think this will be a welcome development, we need more new and modern housing in the area. The planned development looks very attractive and well laid out. I would be very interested in purchasing a property there.”

Bucks Free Press:

Location plans

“The majority of the site has been allocated for housing development…in the adopted Wycombe District Local Plan,” a planning statement reads. “The remaining part of the site is not included in the HW8 allocation but has also been removed from the Green Belt and therefore now forms part of the settlement area and is suitable for development.”

It adds: “The proposed housing mix provides a good split between apartments and houses (212 houses, 78 apartments)”.

The applicant is now awaiting a decision.

To view and comment on the plans, use planning portal ref: 21/08364/FUL.

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