Several Bucks drivers have been given eye-watering bills after they failed to wear seatbelts while on the road.

It is the law to wear a seat belt in the UK and failing to do so can carry fines of up to £500.

There are a few unusual exceptions for to this rule – for example delivery drivers travelling 50 metres or less between stops do not need to belt up. Also, drivers who are reversing do not need to wear a seat belt.

In the main, though, all road users need to wear a seat belt to keep themselves safe on the road.

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Unfortunately, some people in Bucks believed they were above the law and got caught out while beltless.

Now they have been convicted and fined hefty sums, they may regret their careless decisions.

Dean Doyle, aged 28, of The Pentlands in High Wycombe, was fined £200 and ordered to pay £124 in costs after he failed to wear a seat belt in Blind Lane, Bourne End, on May 5.

Doyle pleaded guilty to driving a motor vehicle without wearing a seat belt at Oxford Magistrates’ Court on November 25.

Awais Khaliq, 30, of Hawthorne Road in High Wycombe, had to pay a £146 fine and £124 costs after he was caught using his phone and not wearing a seatbelt while he was at the wheel in Fieldhouse Lane, Marlow.

Khaliq pleaded guilty to both counts at Oxford Magistrates’ Court on August 31 and was also given six points on his licence for the offences.

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Charles Stone, 35, of Ferndale, Milton Keynes, was not belted up when he was spotted behind the wheel on March 23 on the A5 in Bletchley.

Stone was fined £90 and was ordered to pay £187 costs at a hearing at Wycombe Magistrates’ Court on November 25 after entering a guilty plea.

Daryl Farren, 30, of Moorfoot, Milton Keynes, had to pay a £40 fine and £124 costs when he was caught not wearing his seatbelt on the A5 on January 22.

Farren admitted the offence at a hearing at Wycombe Magistrates’ Court on October 7.

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