A High Wycombe drug dealer who stabbed a man in a deal gone wrong has been jailed for more than four years.

Jerome Dublin, 25, of Carrington Road, has been sentenced to four years and four months in prison after he stabbed Amos Bacchus on May 20, 2020.

Dublin stabbed his victim three times in North Drive, Holtspur, in a drug deal that went horribly wrong after Mr Bacchus accused Dublin of short-changing him in a cocaine deal a few weeks earlier.

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Dublin denied charges of wounding and wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, telling Amersham Law Courts in November that he was busy playing PlayStation on the day of the stabbing.

The jury were not convinced and found him guilty on both counts. He was sentenced at the same court this afternoon (Friday).

During the trial, which lasted around a week, Mr Bacchus took to the stand and described the night he was stabbed by Dublin.

He told the jury that Dublin had sold him short when he had bought £100-worth of cocaine from him two weeks earlier, and was demanding Dublin refund him some of the money.

Mr Bacchus said: “I said to him ‘give me what you owe and I’ll buy the rest off you’ and he got quite agitated and angry and said ‘have you got the money?’”

“I shouted and said ‘you not going to give me nothing?’ And he turned around and started walking towards me, but I couldn’t see that he had a knife

“He put his hand in his pocket, then he got his hand out of his pocket and hit me in the lower back. The second time he hit me under my arm because I was trying to get hold of him.

“And he hit me in the shoulder, near my neck.”

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Mr Bacchus told the court that he went after Dublin after the attack, and it was only later that he realised he had been stabbed. He said: “I ran after him. There are some bricks by the side of the house, and when he jumped in the passenger side, I threw a brick at the window and the window smashed and they drove off.

“After that I realised I was soaking wet and realised I had been stabbed and started feeling the pain.”

Mr Bacchus was taken to hospital where he recovered from his injuries.

When Dublin took to the stand to give evidence, he denied that he was a drug dealer and told the jury that someone else must have stabbed Mr Bacchus, because he was at home that day.

He said: “I was at home playing PlayStation, watching movies and YouTube.

“If I did see anyone it would have been my close friends maybe, but I am not 100 per cent sure.”

After hearing all the evidence, the jury found Dublin guilty, and he was sentenced to four years and four months in prison today by Judge Geoffrey Payne.

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