Nearly 20 drivers were caught breaking the law on a main High Wycombe road in ONE DAY last week.

On Thursday 1 December, 17 drivers were caught committing offences on the West Wycombe Road, ranging from drink driving to not wearing seat belts.

Police ran an operation on the busy road with assistance from Bucks Council, catching multiple drivers committing a range of offences.

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These infringements included failing to wear a seatbelt and failing to control a vehicle.

Officers seized three vehicle from drivers who were not insured and reported one driver for drink driving after they failed a road-side breath test.

Council officers issued five fixed penalty notices for vehicles parked on double yellow lines on the road which were affecting visibility for other drivers.

Police have warned that similar operations will take place on other roads in the area in the near future.

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On social media, Thames Valley Police Roads Policing said: "The majority of motorists complied with the rules and regulations, and were driving safely. However, a small minority committed a range of offences.

"The operation coincides with Op Holly and all offending motorists were checked for drink and drug driving. Alcohol effects everyone differently and you are more likely to be involved in a collision if you have been drinking or using drugs. 

"Similar operations will be taking place across Buckinghamshire to improve road safety and reduce criminal use of the roads."

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