A Marlow-based company, which began in a garden shed, has been named the UK’s largest technology reseller. 

Softcat set out in humble beginnings with phone calls from a garden shed but recently Channel Reseller News (CRN) named the now £2billion company the country's largest tech reseller.

The company frequently appears near the top of Glassdoor’s list of best places to work and employs over 700 employees at its Marlow office. 

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Graeme Watt, Chief Executive Officer at Softcat, said: “The story of Softcat is remarkable, from humble beginnings with phone calls out of a garden shed to today’s position as the UK’s leading value-add reseller with offices all over the country. 

"This is an incredible milestone, and if there’s one thing that has stayed key to us all this time, it would be the unique culture we have. 

"The culture is one where we are ferociously people and customer led and it is core to our performance.

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“I would like to thank not only our customers, service partners and vendors for trusting in us, but every single Softcat employee over the entire history of the company for the amazing dedication and commitment they have given throughout to get us to this leadership ranking each and every day.”

Doug Woodburn, Head of Channel Research at CRN, said: “Through a simple formula predicated on selling more to existing customers and winning new ones, Softcat has risen from relative obscurity to the peak of the industry. 

“When CRN first began sizing the UK market for tech resale and related services in 2011, Softcat was the ninth largest player, with revenues of £220m. 

"A decade on, it is a FTSE 250 company with gross billings approaching £2bn and a market valuation in line with some of the global technology manufacturers whose technology it sells, installs and manages.”