School students attended two organised panel events which aimed to inspire the next generation of film industry professionals.

The event took place at the Jam Theatre Studios in Marlow in which writers, producers, and technicians spoke to students.

Individuals involved in the recent James Bond film, Eastenders and the British Film Commission answered questions from students of Great Marlow School, The Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School and The Jam Academy.

The events were organised by the founder of the proposed Marlow Studio Project, Robert Laycock.

He said: “The events were so inspiring, and it was stimulating to be able to bring together some of the outstanding leadership in the industry to meet the next generation thinking about careers in the creative industries.

“Our guests included leading professionals from behind the camera, and our audience at The Jam Theatre Studios had an opportunity to ask their questions directly to the panels, making for a very special set of events.

“Giving back through education, mentoring and outreach programmes, working with young people in Marlow and the surrounding county is central to our mission.

"As the panels explained, anyone considering a job in the industry has a viable and sustainable future career ahead, full of opportunities.

“Working with the best in the world is so essential to our vision.

"These people are right here in Buckinghamshire and so excited to mentor and help.

"We can’t wait to do more of these events."

Samantha Perahia, head of production at the British Film Commission, attended the event on Friday

She said: “The Home Counties, Bucks and Herts have the biggest crew base in the UK. It’s been around a long time and is much more established than anywhere else.

"Major feature films like James Bond and Jurassic World are shot in the area – so you must have every aspect to support the film eco-system and the most important part of that is the crew base.

“In order to make a film financially and logistically viable you can’t have your crew travelling for hours to get to their place of work, and you need to adhere to strict union rules so having a crew base close by is vital."

The Marlow Studio Project is currently in its third stage of engagement events, which are currently being held in Marlow and Little Marlow.

The exhibitions showcase the draft architectural designs of the studio complex which is planned to be on the site next to the A404 at Westhorpe junction.

Robert added: “We have a first-class British design team working with us, who are bringing a quality of vision and craftmanship to the project and I am hugely proud of the designs that are emerging, following our public engagement sessions.

“Our intention has always been to deliver a studio which brings opportunity to Buckinghamshire and hopefully the new exhibition will give people a sense of this.

"The county has a rich history of film making already and so delivering a world class hub for talented film makers to realise their ambitions, is our priority."

The final two exhibitions will be held at Consultation HQ, Unit 6 Liston Court, today and tomorrow (December 10 and 11) between 10am-5pm.