A Range Rover driver who was caught speeding at 45mph in a 30mph zone has been ordered to pay more than £1,000.

Justin Sanders, aged 49, of Westfield Road in Beaconsfield, was caught blitzing the 30mph speed limit in a 2021 Range Rover on Oxford Road in New Denham on February 10.

The driver, who was travelling at 15mph over the limit, was caught on a speed camera in the 4x4.

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At Wycombe Magistrates’ Court on December 2, Sanders was found guilty of speeding and was ordered to pay a hefty £833 fine.

In addition, he also had to pay £173 in costs to the court.

This was not Sanders’s first motoring infraction – his licence was endorsed with five penalty points, leaving him with at least 12 points on his record.

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Normally, drivers who accrue 12 or more penalty points within three years are handed a ‘totting’ disqualification. However, the court did not opt to ban the offender from driving in this case.

The reason given was the “effect on your business and your employees would [lose] their jobs.”

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