People have said what they really think of the new traffic light-controlled junction at Crest Road and John Hall Way in High Wycombe.

More locals have chucked in their two cents about the junction overhaul after claims the new system is baffling and the mini roundabout worked better.

Most were very critical of the new lights, also reporting traffic issues elsewhere as a result – while very few noted an overall improvement.

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One person called on Bucks Council to remove the lights and reinstall the mini roundabout.

Drivers dealt with roadworks since January until the junction overhaul ended in September.

Heather Payne said: “All the residents said this would happen before they started. Wasn’t rocket science to figure out.”

Sinead Foster said: “Queuing traffic blocks off the M40 exit as no yellow box junction. Very frustrating, never an issue before.”

John Ridgley said: “Total waste of money, queuing traffic every night from the lights back on to the Handy Cross roundabout – how can this be progress?”

Courtney Dearman said: “‘We told you so’ springs to mind.”

Bucks Free Press:

Recent traffic problems captured by a Cressex resident 

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Ian Morton said: “Just been through Handy Cross junction and it’s absolutely jammed at 4pm because of the traffic backing up onto the roundabout. Typical Bucks Council ‘fixing’ things that aren’t broken and making it worse.”

Stephen Preston said: “Yep, this was a stupid idea.”

Alex Horder said: “They’ve caused more traffic on London Road as well from the new Lidl to Mr India since changing all the lights.”

Margaret James said: “The new traffic light systems on John Hall Way has also increased levels of traffic on Marlow Road trying to avoid John Hall Way. With the proposed new Aldi, McDonald’s, two car showrooms, a new ambulance hub, and a new storage facility next to the Hilton hotel, the levels of traffic are going to become even more intolerable. Who is monitoring the traffic system?”

Bucks Free Press:

The old Crest Road mini roundabout, now replaced by lights 

Will Streule said: “These lights are a real hindrance to…the main A4010 route from Aylesbury, MK to the M40 southbound – one that is expected to become busier and busier as the massive housing expansions along the A4010 come forward.”

James Brown said: “Needs to be a one-way from Asda roundabout in my opinion, so if you exit Five Guys or Next you have to go down past Asda and back around, therefore keeping the old roundabout and allowing traffic off the big Cressex roundabout.”

Tony Rolfe said: “Traffic lights everywhere, the worst contribution to pollution with cars held idling at red lights with nothing coming the other way.”

Nigel Vickery said: “The people responsible for this work are called councillors and we the voters voted them in (I didn’t), so unless people change their voting habits, wasting money like this will continue.”

Alan Lambourne said: “I have to use that road every day to travel to and from work. Since the traffic lights have been installed, they have made the traffic a lot worse. I would like to call on the council to remove the traffic lights and reinstall the mini roundabout.”

Colin France said: "Bring back the roundabout. I've lived in the area for over 33 years and I've never seen the traffic as bad as it is now. Since the traffic lights have been installed I have never been along John Hall Way from or to Handy Cross without being stopped at the lights. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Utter waste of money."

However, Alison Davies said: “I work on Cressex Business Park, so regularly in this area. From what I’ve seen, I must be the only one who’s seen an improvement by the sounds of it. When it was a roundabout people didn’t give way to the right because with a lot of people, it’s all about them.”

Cllr Steven Broadbent, Cabinet Member for Transport said: "Crest Road junction was signalised to mitigate the impact of additional traffic generated by the proposed development of the Cressex Island site, through the introduction of ‘smart traffic signals’. The decision to signalise the junction took into account the needs of all road users – especially vulnerable road users – and so included new controlled pedestrian and cyclist crossings. While recognising these can cause some delays to vehicle users, this is outweighed by the improved safety and accessibility of the Cressex Island site for pedestrians and cyclists.

"The ‘smart traffic signals’ are designed to be responsive to traffic flows and demands to prioritise certain arms of the junction. However, we recognise that delays are being experienced, and we're currently carrying out a review of the junction to see why queues are forming at certain times. Once we have the results of this review, we will seek to make adjustments to the junction as required to optimise traffic flow."

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