The council has been mocked for mailing out advice on reducing waste – printed on too much paper.

Ian Thomas teased Bucks Council for sending out letters on paper recycling, which he received in four separate envelopes – eight items in total.

As part of its information campaign over Christmas, the council’s website also notes that over the festive season, “we produce around 30 per cent more waste, so it’s even more important to reduce, reuse and recycle”.

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Mr Thomas said while it is “quite funny” and quipped, “Oh, the irony”, it was made more amusing because he cannot get the council to collect recycling without the correct bags, which he claimed it never leaves.

Another person on social media just named Ed said the council’s messaging about recycling was “undercut” when he also received extra correspondence in the mail.

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The council said while it recognised the apparent contradiction, it also must reach as many residents as possible and not everyone in the county uses digital communications.

“Bucks Council, great communications on changes to paper recycling today. Oh, the irony,” wrote Mr Thomas.

He added: “It was just ironic to me as I’ve recently moved from Maidenhead…and the recycling arrangements are awful. Then I get four letters saying they are changing paper recycling arrangements by sending me four letters saying the same.

“Was quite funny. Especially as I can’t actually get them to take any recycling at all without the correct blue bags that they don’t actually ever leave.”

Ed tweeted: “While I’m glad Bucks Council have clarified what does and does not go in the recycling bins, I feel the message is undercut by the fact they sent my family two identical letters about this. It’s a waste of paper.”

Cllr Peter Strachan, cabinet member for climate change and environment said: “We’re always looking to encourage residents to recycle more of their waste, and we’ve found that sending letters is one of the effective ways of doing this. We also use a lot of digital communications related to recycling – where we regularly share helpful information via our social media channels and e-newsletters too.

“We do of course recognise the apparent contradiction of using a paper format to communicate this important information, but we also have to balance this alongside reaching as many residents as possible with essential information and not everyone uses digital formats.

“In the South Bucks area, residents now have the opportunity to separately recycle their paper and cardboard by using the new bins that were recently delivered to all households. The letter is a reminder of the change and will boost recycling efforts.”

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