Drivers are still parking on the pavement along a high street creating a “mess”, a local activist has claimed.

More people have been seen parking on paths and on double yellow lines on Aylesbury High Street and Cambridge Street in the town, despite claims by Bucks Council that it will increase patrols in the area.

The resident, who declined to be named, reported similar scenes back in November when they urged the council to consider installing bollards as a deterrent.

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Bucks Free Press: They said at the time scenes like this happen “pretty much every evening and weekend” at the park end of the high street – and “fairly often” on Cambridge Street and in the town centre.

They recently took to social media once more to tell Bucks Council and Aylesbury Town Council of their outrage.

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Bucks Free Press: “Another s**t-show in town tonight,” they tweeted. “All these people parked again on double yellows on the pavement.”

“Top of the high street is a mess, allegedly pedestrianised and double yellows.”

It is not known what number are private or business vehicles.

Peter Martin, deputy cabinet member for transport said: “The council actively patrols parking restrictions across the county to promote safety and deter obstructions.

“Where abuse is taking place, requests for enforcement action can be made via our ‘contact us’ form.

“We ask that as much information as possible is provided, including the days and times abuse is taking place.

“We thank residents for highlighting issues that arise.

“As a result of these complaints, we will increase our evening patrols in this area and will ensure our enforcement officers fully investigate the matter.”

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