Police have been sending out reassurance patrols in areas of High Wycombe and Marlow following a spate of burglaries.

Officers in Wycombe provided extra patrols in Mickelfield and Cressex after recent burglaries in the area.

There will also be high visibility patrols in the Medmenham area of Marlow.

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A Thames Valley Police spokesman said on social media: "Wycombe West neighbourhood team have been working hard spreading awareness about home security in response to a burglary in Skyline Mews.

"Remember to keep valuables out of sight and leave a light on if you're out."

Another social media post read: "The Wycombe East Engagement Team have been out again providing reassurance patrols following a burglary in the Micklefield area, anyone with any information can call 101 quoting reference number 43210583144."

TVP has also published this advice:

1. Check security of doors and windows when leaving your homes for any period of time this being ten minutes or two hours.

2. Leave no valuables on display or have easy access as most burglaries/thefts happen when there is a slight opportunity available.

3. Leave a light on if you are going out Marlow NHPT are currently giving away FREE timer switches, interested? Contact: Marlow@thamesvalley.police.uk

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