Waitrose Beaconsfield was evacuated and cordoned off for a number of hours last night as a bomb squad destroyed a "suspicious" package.

The police have now confirmed that the package contained a discarded and decomposed lithium battery inside it.

The package was found on top of the designated battery recycling bin as alarm bells started to ring with the shop being evacuated at around 3.30pm.

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Bucks Free Press: Waitrose BeaconsfieldWaitrose Beaconsfield

A bomb disposal vehicle was then seen entering the car park at around 6.30pm with Thames Valley Police (TVP) letting residents know on social media at 8.41pm that the incident had been dealt with.

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Officers deemed the package "not to be malicious, but the package was destroyed as a precaution."

A TVP spokesman said: "Officers received reports of a suspicious package at Waitrose, Penn Road yesterday afternoon.

"The store was evacuated and the package was destroyed as a precaution.

"Officers believe the package was not related to anything criminal and no one was injured."

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