Several drivers were caught driving at dangerous speeds on the M40 yesterday (Monday), with some travelling at more than 100mph.

An unmarked police car on patrol on the motorway between Junction 1 and Junction 5 caught out four drivers travelling at extreme speeds – 95mph, 99mph, and two travelling at 104mph.

All four of these drivers have been reported, and the officers sent the drivers caught at 99mph and 104mph straight to court.

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In a post on social media, TVP Roads Policing said: “One of our unmarked roads policing units was patrolling the M40 between Junction 5 and Junction 1 today and identified four speeding offences between their other commitments.

“Four cars were seen selfishly overtaking motorists who were travelling within the limits.

“The recorded speeds included, 95, 99, 104 and 104mph

“All four drivers were reported with the highest three going straight to court.”

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