Residents have been left furious after waking up to find their treasured Christmas decorations had been torn off their houses by 'mindless idiots'.

Hazlemere homeowner Victoria Barber woke up to the sound of a roaring car engine and CCTV footage which showed heartless thugs ripping the sentimental lights from her property. 

It is understood a number of homes were targeted in the village overnight on Sunday. 

Thames Valley Police has been contacted for comment. 

Ms Barber told the Free Press: “It was 4.10am this morning [Monday, January 3].

To the scummy person who stole all my outside Christmas Lights at 4.10am… absolute scum! 😡 You made such a noise...

Posted by Victoria Jane Barber on Sunday, 2 January 2022

“I have CCTV footage of them.

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“They decided to steal both the light up reindeer from my front garden, ripping them out and pulling the wires out that were attached in the house.

“I was awake so heard them.

“The wires are all ripped, so pretty useless to anyone.

“They’ve also stolen from a lady in Hazlemere.

“The car was a grey Honda Civic with a loud exhaust and was also seen in other areas last night.

“Just a shame for my children who loved the outdoor lights.”

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In a cruel twist, the lights have since been found dumped near Jollyes in High Wycombe. 

But sadly they have been described as ‘very broken’.

Sharing the update to social media, one person said: “[The stolen] christmas lights have been located… very broken but located! Along with Janice’s [another resident in the area who had their lights taken].

Christmas Lights have been located… very broken but located! Along with Janice’s. Seems the mindless idiots dumped them...

Posted by Victoria Jane Barber on Monday, 3 January 2022

“Seems the mindless idiots dumped them all on the entrance roof of Jolleys in HW [High Wycombe]!

“These however have no owner located as of yet…so if they are yours please let me know!

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“CCTV footage is now with the police!”

The lights that were found were of a Father Christmas and a polar bear.

We have contacted Thames Valley Police for more information.