A wanted man known to carry dangerous weapons has been arrested after he crashed his car in a 100mph police chase.

On Monday night police officers spotted the man, who was wanted for numerous offences and suspected of being involved in dealing drugs and carrying dangerous weapons.

Officers tried to pull over the man, who was driving a black Seat with false licence plates, but he carried on driving towards Milton Keynes, reaching speeds of more than 100mph and putting other road users at risk.

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The chase came to an end when the man lost control and crashed. Fortunately for him, both he and his passenger were not seriously injured.

Both the driver and the passenger were arrested and a search of the car found drugs and cash.

The driver also had an expired provisional licence, and the officers discovered that he had only just finished serving a driving ban.

Bucks Free Press: Both the driver and his passenger were not seriously harmed in the crash [TVP Roads Policing]Both the driver and his passenger were not seriously harmed in the crash [TVP Roads Policing]

The man was arrested on suspicion of failing to stop for police, dangerous driving, possession with intent to supply cannabis, drug driving, driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence and driving without insurance.

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In a post on social media, Thames Valley Police Roads Policing said: “The vehicle contained a male who is very well known to police and wanted for several offences. Intelligence suggested the male was involved in the supply of controlled drugs and carries dangerous weapons.

“It’s safe to say another dangerous driver is off our roads. Also, a cracking demonstration of teamwork as officers from Berkshire and Buckinghamshire came together to locate the vehicle and stop it.”

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