Two Buckinghamshire towns have recently been named among the worst places to live in England - with one even topping the list.

A survey from the satirical website, iLiveHere, put Aylesbury at the top being named the worst place to live in England, with High Wycombe ranked (a slightly nicer) 35th.

Read all about it here: Aylesbury and High Wycombe named on list of worst places to live in England

POLL: Where is the worst place to live in Bucks?

Locals from both towns have fought back on social media believing that the survey is total nonsense.

Linda Hearn-Clapham said: "We moved here from Ealing a few years ago and love it! Beautiful surrounding countryside, a lovely house, and only 25 mins into Central London, people are friendly too!"

Yasmin Rhodes said: "I disagree! I'd like to meet the person that said "there is no worse place to live" I'll offer them a house swap!"

Sarah Bridgman said: "Apparently I live in the 35th worst place in England. Not sure this is an objective analysis."

Kevin Hardern said: "Traffic made worse by HS2 construction is a big issue, but that apart there are many worse places to live and I have lived across England."

Mark Winn said: "There are some wonderful generous kind people in Aylesbury that and the countryside surrounding the town make this as far as I'm concerned a great town to live in."

James Boultbee said: "Can't get my head around this. I'm coming up to exactly a year living in Aylesbury and I really like it. I suppose there must be quite a few who don't share that."

One joked about the vote being for 2022 in which we are not even a week into.

Michael Holt said: "Worst place in 2022!!! We are only 4 days in."

However, it was not seen as funny by others with one saying the list was not backed up by "actual facts or stats"

Scotty McEvoy said: "Why has this even been given attention.

"It's just made up of a load of moaning myrtles with opinions, rather than actual facts and stats.

"House prices in Aylesbury vale are rising almost higher than anywhere else outside of London, that's all you need to know when you look at this list."

Some chose it as a time to reminisce and look back on their fond times in the town.

Mark Hodgkinson said: "Have loads of great memories of living in High Wycombe in the 80s.

"Harry and Babs Kilshaw put me up in the Antelope and gave me a start.

"Worked a WJH and later moved to Marlow then working for BMW.

"Even though now I am in the North West have visited my old friends in Bucks many times."

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