A young couple who embarked on an unusual creative project to transform a circus wagon into a quirky living space are about to see their creation celebrated on a popular home improvement programme.

Frankie Lord from Penn and partner Olivia Dann will appear on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces on January 14 after producers seized on their tiny home on wheels idea last year.

The farmer-turned-carpenter spent the better part of five months repurposing a now fully habitable circus wagon with help from his girlfriend and best pal, while the Channel 4 team documented their story.

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And while the couple did the lion’s share of the project themselves including coming up with a novel flooring idea and other homey comforts inside, the show’s host couldn’t help himself by suggesting the pair install a golden throne over the toilet.

Bucks Free Press:

The golden throne over the toilet was George Clarke's idea

Bucks Free Press:

A few homey touches inside the converted circus wagon in Penn

Frankie said the estimated building costs for the project were between £5-7,000 and hinted it could be the first of many more creative constructions.

“I started the build at the beginning of March last year,” said Frankie. “I turned on the radio one morning and heard George Clarke stating that he was on the hunt for contestants for the newest series of Amazing Spaces.

“I decided to send in an email…and then got a phone call later that day saying they were really interested. They came up quite soon after and followed me for about four or five months.

“Myself and my partner Olivia did most of the work completely by ourselves for the first part of the build.

Bucks Free Press:

Frankie believes this epoxy resin and parquet flooring is a 'world first'

Bucks Free Press:

How the quirky converted circus wagon looks from the outside

“The outside is actually all original paint, it is a genuine circus wagon that’s been used by a company called Jolly Circus and they’re still operating today.

“The toilet, the golden throne was actually George Clarke’s idea. He had a look around our workshop and saw this old chair that wasn’t being used and was really excited to have that be the toilet, so we thought we’d better do that.”

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Frankie said he drew inspiration for the project from his father and from his brother-in-law who had previously built shepherd huts.

He also said he believes the epoxy resin and parquet flooring technique they used may well be a “world first”.

Bucks Free Press:

The happy couple hard at work installing that novel flooring concept

Bucks Free Press:

Frankie and best pal Philip Reed who also helped in the conversion

Frankie and friend Philip Reed – who also helped in the build – are now working on a second repurposed wagon featuring a hidden bathtub and television. He said he is considering building more tiny homes in the future by converting similar spaces, including a tree house.

“We basically want to keep it ever changing and a bit quirky,” he said. “We realised we both actually really enjoyed the build and have decided to carry on working together.”

He also has a London Underground carriage from 1949 in the pipeline but said that project might be “a while off” yet.

Bucks Free Press:

A full kitchen, bedroom and other comforts inside the circus wagon

Bucks Free Press:

Frankie with show host George Clarke outside the circus wagon

Frankie said he and Olivia had considered living in the converted wagon but are also thinking about renting it out.

He said working with George Clarke was fun, although being on camera was “very nerve-wracking”, adding: “You feel you know what you’re doing and then have a camera shoved in your face and forget everything.”

You can watch Frankie and Olivia’s story on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces on Channel 4 on January 14.

You can also keep up with them on Instagram @thecircuswagonproject and www.pennmeadowfarm.co.uk

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