Police have warned drivers to be careful in the icy conditions after a car flipped over in Bucks yesterday.

Police were called to Boarstall, near Aylesbury, to recover a car that had flipped on its roof after its driver lost control on a slippery road yesterday (Wednesday) evening.

Fortunately, no one in the car was harmed.

Police have urged all drivers to take extra care while behind the wheel as temperatures drop around Buckinghamshire.

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The climate slipped below zero degrees in Bucks yesterday evening and this morning - in stark contrast to the mild conditions we have so far experienced in 2022.

Fortunately, the frost may lift towards the weekend, with slightly higher temperatures forecast on Saturday, Sunday, and the beginning of next week.

Bucks Free Press: No one was harmed in the crashNo one was harmed in the crash

In a post on social media, TVP Roads policing said: "It’s another frosty morning across the Thames Valley.

"Please slow down and take extra care on the roads as not all routes are treated. Leave extra time for your journey."

According to the Highway Code, before setting off, drivers should clear frost, ice and snow from their vehicle before starting their journeys.

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If you find yourself in icy conditions, you should drive at a slow speed and in the highest gear possible, and go especially slowly on bends.

To check if your vehicle has grip on the road, choose a safe place to brake gently. If the steering feels unresponsive, this could indicate ice or that your vehicle is losing its grip on the road.