Buckinghamshire Council leader Martin Tett has written to the Royal Mail after Amersham residents have not been receiving their post.

In a letter addressed to Mr Keith Williams, the Chairman of the Royal Mail, Cllr Tett said there was a “completely unacceptable standard” of postal service.

He went on to say that there have been “numerous complaints” from local residents over the past three months.

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Bucks Council leader Cllr Tett revealed he had reports from one resident who recently received over twenty-four Christmas cards, which were all posted before the holiday, on January 5.

He also said essential documents for ‘working from home’ professionals were not being received and residents with children are not receiving Birthday presents as well as the worry that residents are suffering financially due to delayed payment of bills and fines.

Chesham and Amersham MP Sarah Green has also raised concerns about the issue but she says a meeting to discuss the issue with Royal Mail was rescheduled by the postal service on January 4.

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The MP first wrote to the Royal Mail in September "raising her concerns and asking them what actions were being taken" after she received similar complaints to Cllr Tett.

She tweeted: “I want to reassure you that I hear your concerns loud and clear and have insisted the meeting take place as soon as possible.”

“I will share an update just as soon as I have one.”

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One resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the Bucks Free Press in late December: “We have not had any post in Cumberland Close for 3 weeks!

“I went to the Amersham delivery office to collect some earlier in the week and picked up last week's letters.

“I was assured the rest would be delivered but I think it has been lost?

“I have done a Royal Mail contact form as ringing them was an hour wait.”

An extract of Cllr Tett’s letter reads: “Residents are fortunate if they receive one or at most two deliveries a week.

“Not only is delivery infrequent and on unpredictable days but the post itself is delayed for very protracted periods.”

It continued: “I am also informed that the Amersham sorting office is now only open 08.00 to 10.00 each day and long queues form with residents desperate to personally collect essential mail.

I hope you would agree that this service is beyond anything that is vaguely justifiable.

“I would like to know: what is the cause of this collapse in the local postal delivery service?

“What action is being taken to restore an acceptable service?

“When will any restoration be completed?

“What compensation will be offered to residents who have suffered financial loss as a result?”

Royal Mail has tweeted several Amersham residents saying: “We're sorry to hear you've not had many deliveries recently.

“Have you spoken to any neighbours to see if they're experiencing the same?

“Could you confirm your full postcode via direct message so we can check if there have been any reported issues?”

The Free Press has contacted the Royal Mail and will provide an update as soon as possible.