Wycombe's MP called for Boris Jonson to "rescue his position" following the reports of a “bring-your-own-booze” party at Downing Street during the first lockdown.

The Prime Minister has since admitted attending the party during PMQ's this afternoon and faces mounting pressure to resign.

Earlier this week, a leaked email appeared to show Downing Street's private secretary arranging a lockdown drinks gathering in the garden at No.10.

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It is understood that around 100 people were invited to the drinks party held on May 20, 2020.

Take a look at a timeline of the reported Downing Street garden party:

Speaking this morning on BBC News, Wycombe MP Steve Baker announced "we can't go on like this".

The Conservative MP said: "The public should be able to have confidence that there is one set of rules that apply equally to everybody and they should be clear that we are all complying and that if there are exemptions for a good reason that they are for a good reason and proportionate.

"Whenever I induct new staff I am always clear with them politics is war minus the shooting and if we are going to survive the first and most important thing we have to do is comply with all the rules so I wish Downing Street will take just that approach."

Liberal Democrat MP for Chesham and Amersham, Sarah Green believes it is "becoming obvious" that Number 10 officials "repeatedly broke the rules".

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She said: "Throughout this public health emergency, people across our community abided by the Government mandated lockdown rules, often at huge personal sacrifice.

"It is now becoming obvious that those making these rules in Number Ten were repeatedly breaking them. 

"I can understand why those who followed the rules and missed the chance to spend precious time with elderly and vulnerable family members, are feeling let down and, frankly, offended by these revelations."

Rob Butler, Conservative MP for Aylesbury, was "pleased that the Prime Minister has today taken full responsibility".

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He said: "I fully understand the strength of anger and distress when at the same time, so many local people were obeying the rules and making huge sacrifices in their own lives: sometimes even being separated from relatives in their final days, when they most needed comfort and support.

"I am therefore pleased that the Prime Minister has today taken full responsibility and apologised for what happened that evening.

"He was right to do so.

"The Prime Minister said he regrets very much that things were not done differently and that he should have sent the staff in the garden back inside.

"I entirely agree with him.

"It is also right that he has committed to come back to the House of Commons to take more questions when the formal inquiry into reports of all parties, not just the one in May 2020, has concluded.”

Tory MP for Buckingham, Greg Smith, also voiced his opinion.

He said: "I listened carefully to the Prime Minister’s explanation at PMQs this afternoon about the May 20, 2020 'bring-your-own-booze' party. 

"On reflection, I am not sure it helped his case. 

"My patience on this matter is very thin, but before I reach any absolutely solid conclusions I wish to see the independent findings of Sue Gray.  

"It is now vitally important that Sue Gray is able to quickly ascertain the full facts, which I am assured she will do without fear or favour and get her report published.

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"However, I in no way defend or condone anyone who thought organising or attending these parties was a good idea at a time when the rest of the country was essentially locked up at home, away from loved ones, unable to see their grandchildren or dying relatives.   

"I should add that I do not have any first-hand knowledge of what did or didn’t happen at the event in May 2020 or any of the other alleged parties in Downing Street.

"All I can say is that I was not invited to and did not attend any of them."  

The Free Press has also contacted Conservative MP for Beaconsfield, Joy Morrisey, Conservative MP for Milton Keynes North, Ben Everitt, and Conservative MP for Milton Keynes South, Iain Stewart, but has yet to have receive a response.